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female on spa table receiving facial service

For the health
of your skin

30 to 90 minutes


from $50

Visible Results:

Results Duration:
varies based on facial selected

Performed By:
Licensed Estheticians


What is a Facial Treatment?

Facial treatments exfoliate, cleanse, and nourish the skin to promote a healthy, rejuvenated complexion. The multi-step process treats multiple common skin concerns and is designed to pamper and relax, similar to a massage.

What is the procedure for a facial?

1. Consultation

Each facial begins with a consultation to discuss your skin concerns and history.

2. Cleansing

A cleanser is massaged into the skin to remove any traces of dirt, oil, and makeup. This allows for a thorough evaluation of your skin to determine the best products for your skin type. 

3. Exfoliation

Dead skin cells are buffed away with an exfoliating cream or scrub and pores are opened with steam. 

4. Extraction

Pores are unclogged with a specially designed extraction tool.

5. Massage

A therapeutic massage of the face (sometimes upper body too, depending on the type of facial selected) evokes relaxation and lymphatic drainage.

6. Customized Mask

A customized mask, based on your skin type and skin concerns, is applied to your face. The facial concludes with the application of moisturizer(s) and sunscreen.

Types of facials offered:

We offer a wide variety of facial services inluding:

Express Facial - 30 minutes

Basic Facial - 60 minutes

Rejuvenating Facial - 90 minutes

Microdermabrasion Facial

Dermaplaning & Mini Facial

Superficial Chemical Peel & Mini Facial

Superficial Chemical Peel & Mini Facial & Dermaplaning


HydraFacial (signature, deluxe, & platinum)

How often are facial treatments needed?

The best outcomes are achieved with routine facial treatments. Most clients see the greatest benefit from monthly or bi-monthly facial treatments. A regimen of atleast 1 facial every three months is recommended. Facials are important for maintaining healthy skin!

What is the cost?

The cost varies based on the type of facial selected. 

Prior to treatment, recommendations and costs will be discussed. We accept all major credit cards. Financing is offered through CareCredit and Affirm.

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