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Indulge in the Luxury of our Ultimate Head Spa

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Head Spa Massage Bed

Discover the Hype

Japanese head spas are the talk of the health and beauty industry, with a deluge of videos and posts taking over social media. We invite you to experience the hype for yourself. If you’re looking for a blissfully rejuvenating service for your hair, scalp, mind, body, and spirit, our Head Spa is perfect for you!


While head spas are new to the U.S. , the concept is not new at all. The roots of scalp and head massage services go back many centuries in India and Japan, where healthy hair was an iconic symbol of beauty. Head spa services prioritize total body relaxation while giving focused attention to improving the health of the scalp and hair. Ready to jump aboard the popular and oh-so relaxing head spa bandwagon? We offer a holistic and indulgent escape of the body and mind with our comprehensive selection of head spa services. Refresh your scalp and spirit simultaneously in the epitome of comfort. Our shiatsu head spa massage bed features a meticulously crafted, cushy design that ensures optimal relaxation and targeted muscle relaxation. A golden waterfall arch provides scalp sensory stimulation and a dreamy, therapeutic washing experience. While your scalp is massaged into a state of bliss, your mind and body are rejuvenated from head to toe. Will you fall asleep? Probably so!


Our targeted approach includes scalp analysis and customized treatment for a variety of scalp conditions and concerns. While pampering you is our top priority, this service is specifically designed to improve the health and condition of your hair and scalp. What could be better than enjoying a full-body relaxation service while simultaneously boosting the health of your hair? It's no wonder why head spas are so popular.


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Purchase a 90-minute Ultimate Head Spa Service and receive a Goldie Locks Shampoo or Conditioner FREE.

Goldie Locks Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles

The Ultimate Head Spa Service

90 minutes | $175

Our 90-minute head spa service is the ultimate, immersive mind and body retreat. This is an elevated and indulgent serenity package with a symphony of relaxation that restores balance, hair vitality, and renews skin. Let the stress melt away as you luxuriate in a pampering, self-care day! This service also makes the perfect gift of ultimate relaxation and wellness that is sure to please.

Your Ultimate Service experience includes:

  • Luxurious bed massage with advanced Shiatsu Massage Technology

  • Rejuvenating deep scalp massage

  • Deep scalp cleanse and detox

  • Therapeutic massage of the arms and hands

  • Nutrient-rich scalp serum, customized to your scalp needs and concerns

  • Trichoscopic analysis and consultation of your scalp

  • Waterfall halo ring

  • Soothing and deep cleansing scalp steam

  • Nourishing scalp mask

  • Aromatherapy: Choose your favorite essential oil for a customized aromatherapy experience

  • 30-minute Express Facial. Enjoy a brisk, soothing cleanse to refresh your skin, followed by a gentle exfoliation to reveal brighter skin. A moisturizing mask replenishes and revitalizes thirsty skin. Our clinicians focus on your key areas of concern, tailoring the facial to address your specific needs.

Can't schedule now? No worries, secure your offer now with payment and claim later at your convenience.


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